Go Green And Get Paid!

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Feed In Tariff (FITS)

The FIT Scheme is a grant set out by the Government to encourage people to install Solar PV. Its pays you back over 25 years. Once your system has been registered, you will receive payments each quarter for 25 years at the rate you entered. Increasing each year with the retail index currently at 4.5%.

If you spent £9500, in 25 years you would have saved and been paid over £37000 at 21p per Kw hour. One way of looking at it would be to spend £9500 now and in 12 years you would have doubled your money and have a Solar System paying for 13 more years. Now, if you wanted to move, you can keep the Feed In Tariff paid to you and the buyer would be happy to receive FREE ELECTRIC!

So, its WIN WIN and it cuts carbon emissions and is great for the environment! Go Green And Get Paid!